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To normalize below that period of stimulus distributions until. The undeniable Black Friday sales occurred. Observation The impact depends on the market. There were obvious industries that were impacted most by. The changes in consumer behavior and are still barely recovering. Travel, in-store retail, and restaurants, to name those that were hit the hardest. On the other hand, some industries are actually performing better than before. Such as online retail sales and food and beverage stores. The analyses from S&P Global and the U.S. Census Bureau were accurately reflected in our study as well.

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Through the end of November, the average Philippines Phone Number List revenue for. The Shopping sites in our analysis was 27.5% higher than our dip seen in March while sessions were 24.4% higher. What came as a surprise, however, was that the Autos & Vehicles sites actually sustained higher averages than the Shopping sites. The sites in this industry saw 26.8% higher sessions and 36.8% higher revenue compared to the dip seen in the beginning of the pandemic and also well above prior levels in the beginning of the year. The stark jump in sessions and revenue also aligned with when the distribution of stimulus checks began.

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In hindsight the increase in consumer spending in Phone Number QA this industry could have been anticipated considering the limitations and fear associated with traveling by plane. Online behavior is higher in the summer months as well, as those who were becoming restless from quarantining began to take road trips to satisfy their wanderlust. There were a few other predictable trends that we identified in our study: There was one quick spike in athletic wear purchases with the average sustaining higher than pre-pandemic levels. There was a prolonged spike in revenue and especially traffic for baking goods and flour purchases, which remained at much higher levels compared to prior numbers.

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