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Email marketing has survived in its 23 years of existence. In fact, it ranks at the top of most successful B2B lead generation strategies today . What is especially successful and has since been canonized by many email marketers is automation. It has already more than proven its success. In short, email marketing automation is integrating tools that connect with your CRM and allow you to automatically send highly personalized and specific emails. A case study shows a profit increase of 172% after automation.

With automated emails, you always address the lead personally in the email, increasing the open and click ratio. But that’s not the biggest advantage of automation: the lead gets to see personalized, dynamic content. Think, for example, of the items that are still in the shopping cart, pages that the lead has viewed, all adapted to the location and time of the opening.

It even goes a step further than that. In this way, the software can also estimate the intention of the user on the basis of previous behavior. For example, a highly interested user will run through a campaign faster than a less interested one.

Email is also an excellent channel for applying lead nurturing . Lead nurturing is an important part of B2B marketing. Feed potential leads regularly with valuable content. Get to know them and introduce them to you. Give something away, apply segmented email marketing to the personas and place in the sales funnel and head in if they are sales-ready.

Social Media

A lot has been written and said about the use of social media for B2B companies. Although opinions (and studies) are divided (read the article from Placester com  or from Idg com for example), I would never advise you to ignore this channel. It could be a missed opportunity.

The studies showing that social media is not an effective channel for the B2B market base this on the results of the current strategies adopted by B2B companies. Unfortunately, they are VP Media Email Lists usually not very good. Most B2B companies use (misuse) social media to boast about how good they are and what they can and do. Only a small minority uses social media in the right way. She enters into a conversation with the target group, helps the target group and actually addresses the target group.

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Target Group

These are the organizations that see social media as an opportunity to warm up potential leads and gain the confidence to eventually convert when the time is right. Companies that understand that it is an essential part of the lead generation strategy. Of all social media channels, the most effective social media channel for B2B organizations is LinkedIn, according to research.

In the end, everything stands or falls with the right strategy. LinkedIn can be a lead magnet , but using this channel only to spam your followers will backfire. What you share is therefore always more important than where you share it. You can use social media to generate leads directly, but it is also an interesting channel indirectly. Integrate it into your content marketing strategy. Think of social media as the paperboy spreading the news. Without the paperboy, the AD wouldn’t have been as successful either, would it?

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