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On this year All talk times are in Pacific, so keep that in mind when planning your day. Monday, July 12th 8:30am  Networking Open time for attendees to connect with other attendees and MozCon partners. 9:00am – Welcome to MozCon 2021 Sarah Bird, CEO of. Moz The fearless leader of Moz will be welcoming each and every one of us. To this year’s virtual event, laying out exactly what you can expect over the next three days. 9:35am – Lessons in Surviving the COVID News Agenda & What It Means for the Future of Digital PR Shannon McGuirk, Client Services and Delivery Director.

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Aira For the past 18 months, Shannon’s Australia Phone Number List mindset has. Been firmly set in “survival mode” due to the trials and tribulations that the global pandemic has brought forward. She will be opening up about her learnings, sharing insight into how Aira’s digital. PR team was able to pivot their link-building activity for clients on a hairpin. Whilst navigating an oversaturated news agenda at the same time as. Being under pressure from clients around return on their investment. Using her “survival mode” experiences, she’ll share clear tactics setting the standard on how to future-proof your digital PR and link building.

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These tactics will show you how to adapt to Phone Number QA the ever-changing news landscape and how to improve your processes from ideation through to outreach. 10:15am — The Science of Purchasing Behavior: How Use it Effectively to Attract & Convert More Prospects Into Customers Flavilla Fongang, Founder & Creative Brand Strategist 3Colours Rule Some brands have achieved the dream: a large audience who believes in them, buying from them time and time again without questioning the value or authenticity of the products and services. And they’ve done it by developing an emotional connection with that audience. These days, it’s more about building a.

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