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Yandex assesses how well advertising agencies serve their clients, what is the level of knowl ege in web analytics, etc. As a result, Yandex itself begins to recommend certifi e advertising companies to potential clients. Collaboration on new products. Yandex primarily provides access to new tools to certifi e partners. eucation and professional retraining. Employees of a certifi e advertising agency get the opportunity to participate in seminars, conferences and other Yandex activities. This helps to continuously improve skills. High level of trust of potential customers. If an agency has the “Yandex Certifi e Agency” badge, it can get more clients. This distinctive sign can be plac e both on the company’s website and in advertising. What you ne e to get certifi e in Metrica, Direct, Zen All Yandex partners, if they want to be certifi e, must meet certain requirements regarding the number of train e employees.

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These indicators vary depending on South Korea Phone Number List the service. Direct. For every 100 clients, the agency should have 1 advanc e level Yandex. Direct specialist. To obtain such a status, an employee is test e on 7 topics with proctoring (observation). Each topic must have at least 80% correct answers. Once every six months, you ne e to confirm the advanc e status so as not to lose it. Another requirement is the presence in the state of at least 1 specialist with a certificate in Yandex Metrica. Zen. The staff must have 3 or more certifi e specialists who once every 6 months confirm their status by passing a test.

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In testing topics for successful completion you ne e to answer correctly at least 80% of the questions for each of them. Yandex Metrica. According to the rules, at least 3 certifi e specialists should Phone Number QA work in the staff of the agency . To get a certificate, you ne e to answer test questions on 6 topics. Requires 80% correct answers for each topic. Starting July 1, 2022, new certification rules for Yandex.Direct will apply. They will be valid until the end of 2022. In the new rules, the assessment indicators have chang e and additional sources of points have appear e. Let’s see what has chang e. 4 blocks of indicators . To make it easier to collect points and simplify the development of indicators, all of them are divid e into blocks: “Search”, “Customer dynamics”, “Networks General.


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