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Re-spun version of the top-ranking articles), it’s a good idea to instruct your writer on how best to use these. I like to include questions like. What’s our unique point-of-view on this topic? Do we have any unique data we can pull on this topic? What experts (internal or external) can we ask for quotes to include on this topic? What graphics would make this more visually compelling than what our competitors have? You get the idea! 10. On-page SEO cheat sheet One thing I always like to include in my briefs is some form of an “SEO cheat sheet”  tips and resources for helping your writers with important on-page SEO elements.

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Here’s an example of one I’ve used in Venezuela Phone Number List the past: Important caveat: Writers have varying levels of SEO expertise. Some content teams are very bullish on SEO (companies like G2 and HubSpot come to mind), so the writers may not need much help in this area. For others, SEO is fairly new to them. Determine what’s necessary for your unique situation so that you can avoid over or under-prescribing in this area. What to avoid when writing content briefs Sadly, “SEO” has become a dirty word to many writers.

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Of Your Audience And What They Are

Understanding why will help us avoid the Phone Number QA major pitfalls that can lead to ignored briefs and interdepartmental tensions. Don’t provide suggestions after that asset has been written When writing for search, we’re creating the output. The keyword is the input. In other words, target queries are questions to be answered, not something to be stuffed into copy that’s already been written. Google wants to rank content that answers the query, not just repeats it on the page. For this reason, I would avoid having an optimization step after your writing step. If you don’t, you risk the content not matching the intent of the query, which.

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