Step Brainstorm & Prioritize Ideas

After there is clarity about the target group, you can get startd with the brainstorming. Start by writing down all the ideas and make sure you don’t judge yet. After various ideas have been namd, it is important to assess them in terms of complexity and feasibility. Below is a completed matrix with ideas plottd on it. Do you want to use this matrix yourself to structure the ideas? Then check the empty version of the matrix here.

When prioritizing the ideas, pay close attention to expecte complexity and execution. Of course, a small adjustment to the header text has much less impact than personalizing entire content blocks and images. What is feasible and what is not?

Step 3. Delineate experiments

The first two steps are the ingredients for the General Manager Email List third step: delineating experiments. Combine the target audience with a personalization idea and form an experiment. When delineating, it is important to assume an underlying assumption. This actually tests the principles of personalization.

General Manager Email List

For example: personalized references are more relevant so that people can better identify with our product. Or: website personalization has an impact on loyalty, which means that visitors come back more often and there is more engagement with the content.

Means That Visitors

By making experiments specific with SMART, the result is clear. Is a hypothesis confirmed or not? It can be difficult to precisely set the quantitative targets (increase of x%). Especially if it is the first time that website personalization is used. Note: start with small goals. This allows you to live up to expectations in a new field.

After the experiment has been defined, it is time to actually measure the goals that have been set. If you choose to start with multiple experiments aimed at multiple target groups at the same time, it is important to establish that these are not conflicting.

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