Bart Ter Steege Also Looks Ahead but in the Field of

He foresees that digital frontrunners should now reap the benefits and that design everything is all the rage. Do you recognize a number of developments in your own work? There are also a number of marketing technologies to keep an eye on: voice search , artificial intelligence, shoppable experiences and blockchain.

And then: numbers, numbers, numbers! In 2019, consumers will spend more time online and buy more products via smartphone. Yet 6 percent of the Dutch are never online and Facebook use is still declining. Smartphone addiction affects our society and we are now consciously going offline. Immerse yourself in the online state of affairs in 2019 .

Useful Marketing Tools

When do you use which marketing channel? What does it VP R&D Email Lists cost and what does it yield? Joost Fromberg made a handy spreadsheet in which you can fill in all this, in combination with the customer journey . Free to use, have you tried it yet?

 VP of R&D Email Lists

Are you looking for a clear and compact way to devise and present your marketing plan? Then this book might be for you. With the marketing canvas, your plan will soon be on just 1 A4. But you have to work hard for it.

Data-driven marketing

“Companies have to think differently if they want to take the next step in data-driven marketing,” says Jordie van Rijn in his thorough article about the secret behind data-driven organizations . As many employees as possible need access to data so they can work with it. Then they have more powers to make data-driven decisions. Are citizen data scientists already working in your organization ?

If your website contains many pages and blogs, it will be difficult to choose which one to optimize. The Content Marketing Institute has a handy model with 5 data-driven opportunities that you can work with. This way you can increase traffic to high-performing pages and optimize other pages.

And then another call to marketing agencies: where is the ultimate reporting dashboard ? How do you align the planning and organization of a marketing team with the reporting of a club of external specialists? There is no universal reporting standard, but there is a jungle of Excels, PDFs and online dashboards that often make marketers mad. Peter Desmyttere is desperate for a good solution. Do you agree.

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