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Create a dynamic tag This lets you group those keywords together and label them. You could call this tag featured snippet opportunities for example. The magic of putting the keywords into that dynamic tag is that it acts like a smart playlist. These fancy segments automatically populate each day with keywords that match the specific criteria you set for them, making it quick and easy to see which of your keywords are featured snippet opportunities. Being able to segment keywords into these dynamic tags is what makes STAT so much more valuable.

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Being able to create reports in granular Costa Rica Phone Number List keyword levels is powerful stuff. 3. Check the data set over time Okay, so what is the next step to prioritize your featured snippet opportunities by the highest potential ROI keywords? It’s usually much easier to take a featured snippet or to steal one if you’re also on page one. Taking a look at STAT’s SERP Features tab can help out here. There’s a nifty graph which allows you to see how answer boxes appear if your keywords have changed over time. Using this will help you to access opportunity.

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You can then start pulling out and comparing Phone Number QA some of that data and digging into things like average monthly search volume, current featured snippet URLs, and the featured snippet type. Is it a paragraph, a list, or a table? Is there any markup? What’s your rank? How does the page look in general? You might want to start investigating which long-tail keywords you could potentially optimize your site for. There are a couple of reports you can pull in STAT which can definitely help you in this research. 4. Set up reports The People Also Ask report will show you questions and their rank within the box as well as the URL.

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