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One of the tools that allow you to display products in search engines is Google Merchant Center. This is a necessary tool for any e-commerce site. Here’s what you nee to know. What is Google Merchant Center? Google Merchant Center (Google Merchant Center) or translate into Hebrew – Google Merchant Center. Is a product or service of the company that offers a variety of smart tools for promoting. Your business’s products and presenting them to your customers. It can be said that it is a professional system that includes features and settings that allow you to present the products to customers. The tool is also suitable for businesses that sell physical products in local stores (without a digital store), also for businesses that have an online e-commerce store, and for businesses that combine offline and online (such as those that have both a physical and a digital store.

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To explain it in a more practical way, then Google Merchant Phone Number QA Center is a system for uploading store and product data to Google, to display them in various Google services and in particular shopping campaign ads, displaying products in the free results in the Shopping tab, images, Google search and more. Advantages – why is it worth it. Promoting the products on a variety of platforms – you can promote your products through Google Search, Google Images, Google Shopping.

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