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Get to know the latest details about. The mudita bell alarm clock, which is to replace. Smartphones in the bedroom and ensure our. Healthy sleep! Mudita bell the idea of ​​creating. Mudita bell – a conscious and minimalist alarm clock .With many functions that improve the. Quality of sleep – was born as a response to. The personal needs of its creators. They wanted to remove. Their phones (used as alarm clocks) from.The bedroom, but could not find any satisfactory. Alternative on the market. They wanted something that. Would captivate them, something that. Fits and is in the spirit of the products of the. Polish company mudity (so far known for its. Minimalist telephone ) – a product in which the latest. Research and technology would meet with a minimalist zen design.

Now the Company Has Confirmed Some Details About the New Product

However, the more they searched, the more they became convinced t.Hat they had to build it themselves, and so the .Decision was made to go ahead with the mudita bell project . Since then, the idea has been. Modified many times, because Kuwait Phone Number List the creators. Were so determined to create the most functional and.Enjoyable mudita device. The company’s design. Teams explored dozens of ideas, aiming to . In the first place. Achieve the ultimate goal of the product: improving users.’ quality of life by improving their sleep hygiene . A lot of different studies have been .Collected and analyzed (which will probably be published) and many .Experts, scientists, doctors and other people involved in the field of sleep. Have been interviewed. All of this served as the basis for the design of mudita bell’s main features.

Get to Know the Latest Details About the Mudita Bell Alarm Clock

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In the first place. Sketches of the mudita .Bell casing and buttons sketches of the mudita bell alarm clock dial sketch. Of the mudita bell alarm clock now the company has confirmed s.Ome details about the new product: mudita bell will focus on creating and. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule. A number of tools will make. It easier for the user to control the wake and Phone Number QA sleep schedule. The research is clear – maintaining a regular sleep schedule significantly improves .Leep quality. The minimalist. In the first place. Design and the form of the alarm. Clock have been improved. Mudita believes that design and aesthetics are a key part. In the first place.  In the first place. of the soul of a product and wants the company’s design t.O reflect its message. Quality sleep is an essential part of a harmonious life, and mudita bell is designed to . In the first place. Help everyone achieve this. After many tests, it was finally decided to exclude the surrounding sensors from mudita bell. In the first place. including the air. Quality sensor and the humidity sensor.

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