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virtual event in the metaverse. And there is a billboard next to the stage. That billboard can show a different advertisement for one person or another. And each of us, at that very moment. Would be seeing the same stage, the same conference, the same concert. But with totally different advertising, segmented to us. And that is where one of the big deals for the metaverses lies.

For me it is an exciting world, because here the meta-consumer will be built. Which today we do not know what it is like, we have to build it. We will have to go little by little, seeing how it evolves, how the purchasing trends are going. If users they are going to buy in the media. If they are going to buy clothes for the metaverse as well as for the real world. It is an exciting evolution that I invite you to discover.

If you want to know more about it. Check out the  . Which I have done myself, where I expose absolutely everything. Trends, examples, how there are brands that. Are already using it today.

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This is already a reality, that is to say. We Cyprus Phone Number are not talking about this being something fictitious, it is already being applied today. What happens is that it is in a very initial phase.

A few weeks ago.An association of metaverse, where entrepreneurs, like a video game. Entered and could network. Watch conferences in the rooms. And even have their own business base.

The problem with all this is that the audience is still small as a percentage of the total, that is, there are millions of people who are in the metaverse, that is a lot, but as a percentage of the total population it is still very little, we can equate to the beginning of the internet , where there were still few web pages because the users were not many.

We are, I believe a little bit, in that same phase, but all this is going to evolve, and the consumer will be learning, they will be adopting new consumption habits.

Remember that in the end as consumers we never stop evolving, and brands have to somehow go behind, adapting, in order to resonate with that client.

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Therefore we are going to see this evolution progressively, no drastic changes are going to be made , we will see how little by little more brands will be taking out glasses related to metaverses, we will begin to see brands that begin to do things inside.

All this is very interesting, in fact, I invite you to try some of them if you have virtual reality glasses. For example, I am trying it out, I use different metaverses through the glasses, I am using the two from Facebook, which I like for many things, and what is certain is that I have not yet found anyone who speaks Spanish in the different metaverses.

A large part of the users are from other countries, and so the common language is English, but this will evolve and we will all have rooms where we will be Spanish, Argentines, Chileans, Americans, and from all countries, it will be as it is now Facebook , but in the metaverse.

Having reached this point, I want to tell you that it is very important that you begin to understand how the entire ecosystem works, see trends in the metaverse , how you can apply it to your business, which may not have to be now, but be careful, we do have We have to start looking at those little trends to stay up to date if we want to make the most of our business in the future.

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