Since December Murano Jady in the Mobywatel Application

Drivers in poland will not have to carry a physical driving license with them from december 5, 2020. Today, the. Minister of digitization marek zagórski signed a document. Thanks to which you will be able to have a .Driving license in the mobywatel mobile application! For two years, poles have not had to carry a vehicle registration document and a document. Confirming car insurance with them . Now the electronic mprawo jazdy is joining the mobile versions of the. Documents ! This long-awaited change. Is the result of the so-called. Deregulation package for drivers (specifically, the act of august 14, 2020 amending the act – road traffic law and some other acts.

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It was there that it was written .That three months after the minister of digitization signed the. Appropriate communiqué – the obligation to carry a driving. License with you will disappear. People who already have the mobywatela application. From december 5, 2020 in the mpojazd card will find, in addition to the. Data from the registration Belize Phone Number List certificate, oc policy and vehicle card, also. A driving license. The new option can be used by owners and co-owners of vehicles who are registered in the. Central register of vehicles (cep) as owners of cars, motorbikes, scooters, etc. Along with the mpraw driving license , mobywatel will also offer. The possibility to check the numbe.R of penalty points on the spot.

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The service shows information about. The vehicle’s compulsory third-party liability insurance – including the insurance name, policy series and number, insurance. Period and its variant. The application also displays a reminder message 30 days Phone Number QA before the expir.Y date of the oc or before the end of the examination validity. You will also find vehicle data: make and model, year of manufacture, registration number, vin number, technical inspection date. To use the. Mobywatel application, you must have. A trusted profile! That is why it is worth setting it up now via the internet (using authentication with a bank account that offers this option) or in person at the indicated points. On the profile page.

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