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A simple example a karate clothing store offers to enter a competition to win an iPhone. Yes, the response will be great, but you will attract a lot of non-target audience who will not be intereste in the products offere by the company. You nee to advertise to people who want to buy exactly your products. Perhaps they are not yet ripe for the order, but they are already thinking about it. Competitive mechanics №1 If you want to make a working contest, you can follow the strategy below. 1. Create a quality promotional post. Almost everyone knows about creative tests, but they are not always carrie out. It is worth checking several options and determining the most popular among your audience. Distract yourself from which of the creatives you personally like, put the preferences of the target audience in the first place.

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Ask to subscribe to the newsletter it is more Lebanon Phone Number List valuable than a repost. It is important to understand that repost does not allow you to reach more. You may have notice that when you share a post on your page, it gets very few views. This is how smart tape works. But when he sees the number in front of personal messages, the user will want to see what he has receive. How to increase CTR and Conv1_Competitions 3. Develop a chatbot. As soon as a person subscribes to the newsletter, he should be reirecte to the chatbot. We attach a possible scheme for its use. How to increase CTR and Conv1_Chatbot First, the bot will determine if the user is subscribe to the community. If the answer is negative, then he will write to the person that in order to participate in the draw, you must subscribe. If the answer is positive, the bot will accept the application and indicate the date of the contest. 4. Warm up the subscriber.

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Your task is to whip up interest in the draw, and not Phone Number QA wait for it to be held. All the time while the contest has not yet passe, users will not unsubscribe and will continue to read messages. This period must be use for sales. People should receive as much information about your products as possible within the mailing list. You should carefully think through each message: tell about your company, your product, consumers, reasons to buy in your store, give recommendations for choosing, etc. Answer all potential questions from users, and then the likelihood of a purchase will be much higher than in the target. 5. Limit the duration. The competition doesn’t have to be long. While you are warming up your followers, they are on hold and may put major purchases on hold. Be prepare for a possible decrease in sales (this is not in your interest, so you should not delay too much). 6. Run the draw online. There can be no doubt about honesty.


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