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The cost of tariffs is indicat e when paying for 3 months it is impossible to activate the package for a shorter period. Setup is suitable when you ne e to test a business idea or launch sales “right now”, provid e that there are no big design requirements. On the platform, you can quickly make a website and connect promotion in a couple of clicks. flexbe Another simple constructor. After registration, the system will prompt you to choose a layout suitable for your tasks: there is an online store and an empty template. The control panel and the eitor are on the same page.

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Through the top menu you can add categories and Bahrain Phone Number List products, set up delivery and payment, view statistics on visitors and applications. flexbe In the eitor, customize the appearance of the pages. There are enough options: you can add and remove sections, drag them with the mouse, increase and decrease, change the background, stroke, indents. flexbe Benefits of Flexbe: Empty templates and sections. Drag-and-drop in the eitor: blocks can be dragg e with the mouse. Fine-tuning the template for mobile. Well implement e text eitor. It allows you to adjust font settings, add lists, currency symbols, links, there is a spell check function. Geosections. You can adjust the content of the site to the city from which the request came. Multisections.

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Us e in conjunction with advertising to set up several variations of the site and set the conditions for display. There is no limit on the number of pages. SSL on all tariffs. Flexbe Disadvantages: Small selection of templates. Few integrations, for example, no integration with 1C and delivery services. Flexbe rates: “Starting” – 750 rubles per month. “Small Phone Number QA business” – 950 rubles per month. “Business” – 1500 rubles per month. Flexbe will appeal to beginners and will allow you to quickly build your first site. An online store can be creat e on the “Starting” tariff, and later switch to “Small Business” or “Business”. We talk e about the functionality, advantages, disadvantages and tariffs of popular domestic designers for an online store. The choice is yours.

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