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Authoritativeness, and even trustworthiness. So, how does that help them in search? And how can they possibly prove to Google, amid all the noise and competition and other experts out there, that they deserve a place on Page 1? Last year, I set out to find out. Methodology Google is pretty clear about the fact that websites nee E-A-T, but what they don’t really clue us in on is what E-A-T actually is or how it’s measure. I hypothesize that, if I compile a big list of SERPs and closely analyze all the Page 1 results, I could narrow down what may comprise E-A-T. Theoretically, T affects different industries in different ways.

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That’s because some topics and subject Luxembourg Phone Number List areas are more critical than others to have extremely reliable information like when you’re searching for information about prescription drugs or complicate financial products. So, the first thing I did was choose seven topic categories to focus on: legal, insurance, health care, loans, pharmaceuticals, military, and informational questions. Next, I picke10 queries for each category. Then I searchd. The resulting 70 SERPs produce 647 results. I analyze each of those results, looking specifically for 32 different factors. Finally, I reviewe what I had recorde and askd: Which factors were the most prevalent across all 647 results.

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Which factors were most prevalent among the 210 Phone Number MX Top 3 results? Were there differences in prevalent factors across the various topic categories I chose? Before we get into the results, let’s talk about correlation vs. causation for a moment. While each of these factors seeme to be very common among Page 1 results, and it seems clear that some of these factors do play a role in establishing E-A-T, all I can really say for sure is that these traits are associate with pages that rank well in search. They could be indicators of a good page or website, but not necessarily the determining factor.

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