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Principles of SEO do not change, but there are still trends and changes in this area. Mark van Tuel gives you a preview for this year , with trends such as EAT and the rise of other search engines. And Cris van Wolffelaar and Bartjan Sonneveld offer you an insight into the ‘hidden’ changes .

And then for another important turning point: for the first time in history, Google is sending less traffic to websites. Google answers more and more questions in the search engine itself. It evolves from search engine to answer machine. Good for the user (because user-friendly), less pleasant for website owners. Imgerd VP Design Officers Email Lists Friso sounded the alarm bells, because Google is increasingly acting like a publisher (and also read the interesting comments below the piece). Peijke Jansdaal discusses how to survive this cold front . Build a strong brand and take control yourself, for example by growing your email lists. You can read more tips in Peijke’s article.

 VP of Design Email Lists

How do you get to the top?

What can you do to get to the top of Google? Many different factors come into play. We have a few tips to get you started in the coming months:

  • Start with a topic cluster
  • Work on link building (but build the right links)
  • Work on your site’s user experience
  • Think carefully about your SEO and SEA strategy (synergy is key!) 

Useful SEO Tools

Are you looking for good tools to get started with search engine optimization? Here are a few helpful articles to go through:

  • The 21 Best Free SEO Tools
  • Improve your site’s performance with these (free) technical SEO tools
  • These 10 SEO Tools Are Worth Trying
  • Which SEO tool is best? SEMrush, Ahrefs and Moz in the comparison

Google My Business

Do you want your company to stand out locally and also attract customers via Google Maps, for example? Then set up Google My Business correctly. Davey Smit gives you 10 practical tips to get more out of Google My Business . And in this article, he’ll update you on the new features: additional corporate identity options and promotions .

Search & social advertising

Are you not (yet) a seasoned SEA specialist, and do you still want to structurally manage SEA campaigns? Marleen Arts has written the ultimate SEA checklist for you. This gives you guidance to apply basic SEA optimization. Also think carefully about your strategy: how do you determine the success of your Google Ads campaign ?

And then there’s the Google Ads news: in September the metric ‘average position’ will expire. There will be 4 new position statistics. Especially advertisers who use scripts or bidding rules will have to change their strategy. Patrick Geijtenbeek explains in his article ‘ The end of the ‘average’ position at Google Ads. What now? ‘.

In addition, you can delve into these 13 tips to make your Google Ads campaign convert even better . For example, prevent internal competition between ad groups. And also check out these 3 unorthodox methods to grow your Ads account .

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