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According to the B2B marketers in the study, which content type works best to generate new leads? Offline – or  in-person events  – comes to the fore first. We also see this in the question of which content type converts the best leads (see image below). Events is again a clear outlier with 25%, in addition to customer cases and webinars.

I also notice that there is a need for personal contact again, shaking someone’s hand and looking them in the eye. For one of the companies I work for, we are therefore increasingly focusing on this. How come? I think, because we are flooded with information and it is very difficult to really get a feel for an organization. I also think it’s a nice development, but please note: organizing an event is really a profession in its own right.

Content distribution: email remains

B2B marketers use social media (91%), the organization’s website or blog (89%) and email (87%) to distribute content (for free). Funny, because I didn’t feel that email VP IT Email Lists really did anything anymore. If I see what I do with it myself? Very little. Nevertheless, I started sending email newsletters again for one company and the open rate was almost 30%. I was pleasantly surprised with that. Key? Give and not take.

VP of IT Email Lists

84% of B2B marketers also distribute the content paid, preferably via social media channels (72%), LinkedIn remains a favorite. There is a notable second place for “sponsorships”. That sounds a bit fuzzy, but according to the research, this includes workshops. Advertisements are in fourth place. That doesn’t surprise me, because I also notice that advertisements often yield little and that for a relatively high investment. Do you notice that too?

When is content successful?

When is content successful? That is one of the most difficult questions. Still, it appears that 65% of B2B marketers have established KPIs for their content and 43% also measure the ROI of content marketing. For me, success factors are still the number of views, the time someone has spent on a page and of course conversions: subscribe to newsletter, download e-book or contact request. How do you measure the success of your content.

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