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There are also so many different things to look at and. You can find something new pretty much every time. When you’re looking at a B2B site in particular, however, one thing you want to make sure you’re taking a look at is the funnel. Do they have content for all of the funnel stages, and are they funneling people from one stage to the next? So take a look at their site like you’re someone visiting it for the first time. Take a look at their awareness content and see: Are there mid-funnel CTAs? Are they making the next step they want me to take clear.

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Or what is that ultimate conversion that they South Korea Phone Number List want people to take in the purchase stage? Do they have a really clear contact form? Is it easy to navigate to the demo, if that’s a really important conversion to them? Take a look at their content and what they’re doing, specifically making sure that they have content for the full funnel. This is another good opportunity to evaluate your competitors. So do the same thing on your competitors’ sites. See if there’s something they’re doing really, really well, that the site you’re looking at is not.

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Take some screenshots Share some specific Phone Number QA things a competitor is doing that maybe you can learn from and find a way to do your own version of on your site. 3. Technical All right. Another area to always make sure you include is technical, because we all know that even if you have the best, amazing content on your site, if your technical SEO is a mess, it’s not really going to matter if you’re not able to get that content index. So a good place to start is to do Moz’s On-Demand Crawl so you can take a look at things like 404 errors.

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