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June mid-year content marketing checkupandJuly . Also, are the perfect time Austria Phone Number to think about your content marketing strategy. What works? . Also, is not? What needs to change in the fall?

As you complete your internal audit, here are some. Also, ideas and questions to consider to help you improve your program.

Get rid of the writers
If your internal experts or story contacts aren’t good at . Also, writing, don’t force them to write. Use a professional writer to interview this person. Ask the expert to verify the accuracy. Also, taken all writing duties away from their employees and outsourced them to outside writers. This saves employees time, editing time, and in most cases produces far superior content.

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I find it fascinating that more and more companies. Also, are not partnering with Austria Phone Number uncompetitive companies on content marketing projects and are instead choosing to go . Also, it alone. By partnering, you can share the cost of the project and double the distribution. Our website would never have seen the light of day in 2010 if it hadn’t been for five partners helping to fund and promote the content.

Grow a speaker
IBM has been working on an internal influencer . Also, program for years, striving to turn its employees into up-and-coming speakers and dynamic keynotes. Every company, regardless of size, should have a plan for finding, nurturing and developing speaking talent. With the rise of corporate events, there are more opportunities to speak at events (and webinars) than ever before, but you need to prepare your experts in advance to take advantage of these opportunities.

Austria Phone Number
Austria Phone Number

Practical advice to calm the most extreme nervousness of public speaking

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Kill your newsletter
In the past, when you read a corporate blog post, there often wasn’t enough of a call to action to encourage newsletter signups. Most companies have solved this problem and now promote an email offer. Unfortunately, in my experience, most business email newsletters range from boring to terrible. Consider these questions: Is your email newsletter amazing? Is it really useful? Is it targeted at a single audience?

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