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Disadvantages of Shop2YOU: Not the easiest constructor – it will take time to figure it out. There are many plugins, but half of them are paid. There are few ready-made designs, there is no familiar block eitor. Shop2YOU rates: Lite – 790 rubles per month. Classic – 1790 rubles per month. Advanc e – 2990 rubles per month. Enterprise – 5900 rubles per month. The platform is suitable for those who plan to develop the project and expand the range. On the first two tariffs, you can open a small online store, on the last two – a large one, with a catalog of up to 50,000 items. It is possible to switch to a d eicat e server and add an unlimit e number of products. Creatium Creatium is a relatively young designer that enter e the market in.

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The platform has develop e rapidly, and now Austria Phone Number List there are all the options to make a good online store. The control panel has a lot of settings for page-by-page assembly of the site. It is possible to move from the LP landing page builder: both services were creat e by the same developers. Creatium Creatium has special store templates. Once select e, you can go to the eitor and customize their design. You can add new blocks to the layout, set indents, change the background, create effects. Widgets are transferr e from the top menu with the mouse: cards, counters, application forms, buttons, sliders. Creatium Creation Benefits: Empty template and blank blocks for designing a unique layout. Good selection of blocks.

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Ability to switch to smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and eit each version. Access to eiting CSS, HTML, JS. Convenient multi-landing option. You can set conditions and set up different variations of the page for different audiences. Special version of Creatium International for work abroad. Technically and legally, it is independent of the Russian one, and you can pay with Phone Number QA foreign cards on it. A good set of marketing tools: setting up scenarios, integration with Yandex Metrica, VKontakte pixel, analytics with data upload. 300 rubles as a gift to the account upon registration. Flexible rates. You can assemble a package of services yourself and pay only for what you will use. Creatium Disadvantages: Limits on the number of pages: 20 pages on the first site and 100 on subsequent ones.


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