Reasons to Start With Marketing Automation in B2b

Now that your memory has been refreshed, let’s take a closer look at the reasons for using marketing automation. Implementing for no reason is like buying a Ferrari and then just leaving it in the garage. Without a good reason and underlying strategy, you will never be able to get the best out of marketing automation and that is a shame.

This seems logical, but too often we hear that organizations have purchased a flashy new marketing automation package and that after more than a year (!) it is still not fully operational or adopted. A waste of time, money and functionalities. So just to be clear: choosing marketing automation to have marketing automation or because everyone seems to use it are not good reasons.

The view that fewer marketing employees are needed thanks to marketing automation is also not a good reason to switch. Marketing automation still requires input from VP HR Email Lists marketing, but at a more strategic level. You also need content to fill the workflows and constant optimization is essential. It is therefore not possible for marketing to sit back and relax. What are good reasons to start with marketing automation? We mention the two most important:

VP of HR Email Lists

  1. Optimizing the lead process.
  2. Improve the collaboration between marketing and sales.

1. Optimizing the lead follow-up process

Following up on leads can be done by marketing automation like no other. Many organizations do not follow up leads properly or forget that something has to be done in the time between registering a lead and the first contact with sales. You can’t expect someone to be ready to wave the company credit card after one website visit or download. More arguments are needed to convince someone of your service or product, especially in the business market. Marketing automation helps you to share the right arguments at the right time.

Do you notice within your organization that leads sent to sales are insufficiently warmed up? Are leads lost in the process and is there hardly any follow-up of leads? Or is there simply no insight into the amount of leads and where they are in the buyer journey? Then marketing automation is the tool for you with good reason. From the first contact moment, the software takes leads by the hand and guides them message by message, action by action, in an insightful and predictable way towards sales. Once they have arrived at sales, the lead knows enough to start a substantive conversation about the product or service.

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