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Team doing this Timeline This might take one to three months. And that’s okay. It might take some time. But the key here is to understand. That this investment in time is going to ultimately pay the bills. It’s going to generate revenue for you. So be patient embrace it and use it. Goal The goal here is simple folks. You want to unlock content market fit. What is content market fit. It’s complete alignment between the content. You create and the market that you’re trying to connect with. And if you have content market fit. You’re going to have content that is worth creating. Create So let’s talk about that one Creation. What type of content should you create.

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This is going to happen as the second step in Paraguay Mobile Number List your content marketing engine. Tactics You don’t want to just start writing blog posts without intent. You don’t want to start creating white papers without intent. You want to first understand the research and let that inform what you create. Ahould you develop blog posts. Should you develop research-base assets. Should you create infographics? Or maybe you should just create some memes and share them on Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook, etc. Maybe that’s the play for you. Every brand is going to be different. And every single type of asset that you create, every single type of asset that you invest in is going to have a different outcome and it’s also going to have a different type of goal that you’re aligning with it.

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You should determine which content you invest Phone Number MX in base on the research. People After understanding your audience, you will have a better understanding of the types of content that you should create. And you’re going to have a handful of different people involve in this process as well, but it’s going to be roote directly in the types of assets you create. Maybe you’ll have writers. You’ll definitely want to have an ditor. You don’t want typos and all that good stuff. You’re going to want a designer maybe. If visual is the way that you’re going to go, you might nee a videographer.

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