Real Examples That You Can See Are Various Selling

So, it becomes important for those of you who run a website for sales purposes, so that you have a focus on the products you are selling by using buying keywords. Basically you can apply buying keywords by using the basic formula of buying keywords, namely:

transaction queries + product name / brand + location / transaction keyword


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you can build a buying keyword strategy


organically by utilizing your ability to create seo content. But for those of you who already have a sufficient budget, then you can advertise using this buying keyword. Real examples that you can see are various selling websites that appear on the main Greece Phone Number page of search engines labeled with advertisements or content sponsors or ads.

Which is better long tail or buying keywords?
Which is better long tail or buying keywords

in general, we already know what is the difference

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between long tail keywords and buying keywords. The difference lies in the phrases used and the target market, of course. In addition, the optimization strategy will also be different . Well, if then you ask which one is better long tail or buying keywords?

Answer that question with a simple question: what are your priorities? What is your goal? If the website you are building is an information website, for which you do not yet have a product, then focus on attracting as many visitors as possible to your website, how? Give them the information they need, do a long tail keyword strategy to be able to answer specifically to visitor questions.

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