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Yandex suspecte the site of distributing spam content and fine it by imposing a filter. This fact was taken into account and it was decide not to create pages for microfrequency queries. In addition, I had to spend a whole quarter to get the site out of the filter. As a result, it became obvious that some characteristics of products should not be displaye in the URL – they look spammy and are rarely include in requests. For example, this applies to the weight of the packaging of goods. Some pages were exclude from indexing so as not to incur the wrath of the search engine. sample This is how the product characteristics template looks like after the changes made New functionality New features have been adde to increase the information content and improve the user experience. This was done to make the site as smart and automate as possible.

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Option to display additional characteristics in the Egypt Phone Number List product card. Option to display additional characteristics in the product card Ability to add new features to products. The ability to supplement products with new characteristics when entering data. Ability to add new features to products The function of creating metrics, counters. As well as robots.txt and sitemap files for each subdomain Ability to create optimize text. Ability to create optimize texts and tags in separate documents on subdomains Link building strategy Initially, it was planne to use promotion by creating a network of sites with similar content.

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As the main requirements for the resources to which the link was place, first of all, thematic and regionality were considere – so that the site was Phone Number QA associate with household goods and coincide with the geography of the corresponding subdomain. We also selecte sites that existe for at least a year, the daily traffic of which would be at least 300. As for quality, it was require to have at least 5,000 pages in the search engine index. In those regions where competition was low, links to subdomains were not purchase at all – promotion was achieve mainly through internal SEO. At the same time, it was assume that it would not be possible to raise visibility on Google above 35%, but competent link building helpe to surpass it in a number of regions.



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