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We study the dates of purchases and allocate the most recent ones into a group with a score of 1. All the rest must be divide into segments in the same way and give them points up to 5 (for the oldest orders). Gradation with 5 levels allows you to effectively separate the most active (or new) from almost lost customers. Groups rate 1 and 2 will always have fewer users than groups rate 3, 4 and 5. For example, division by Recency might look like this: last purchase more than 360 days ago – 5 points; 181–360 days – 4; 91–180 days – 3; 30–90 days – 2; less than 30 days – 1. F (Frequency) – grouping by purchase frequency. We find out how many orders can be considere profitable for your business. It is important to evaluate adequately, since too low or too high a bar can harm the accuracy of calculations. For example, you can set options like.

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By the amount of money spent. To make Namibia Phone Number List the grouping more accurate, we exclude from the database customers who have spent very large amounts. They will enter a separate important segment, even if their purchase frequency is very low. The main part of the groups can be represente as follows: spending less than 1000 rubles. – 5 points; from 1001 to 4000 rubles. – four; 4001–6000 rubles – 3; 6001–10,000 rubles – 2; RUB 10,001 and more – 1. To add precision to selecte groups, enter additional parameters: business seasonality . In many industries, sales rise in the summer and fall in the winter; average interval between orders . It will help you understand which users should be treate as lost and which ones should be treate as active; expiration date / use of goods . A chainsaw is purchase for a long time, and a tube of paste is consume in 1-2 months.

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The frequency of purchase of such goods, respectively, will be different; the average life expectancy of a customer.The period of time after which the user can be considere lost to the brand. As a result of the breakdown, all customers receive ratings that add up to a three-digit formula. For example, let’s use the breakdown of time, frequency, and spending that Phone Number QA we gave above. The user bought his first product in your online store 7 days ago for 2000 rubles. Such a client is assigne a formula of the form 1–5–4, where each digit corresponds to a score according to the RFM method. Intereste in campaign analysis and want to learn more? We offer our article “Representative sample in context: we determine the effectiveness of the campaign at the testing stage” . Grouping customers base on RFM scores Once you have the RFM scores for each client, you can divide the users into groups. The most attractive for business will be people with a score of 1-1-1. But this is the smallest segment, which is not found in every company.


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