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A good set of tools to increase sales: advertising tags, blocks for relat e products, discounts and promotional codes, sending emails with built-in statistics. Section “Clients” to analyze orders and maintain an up-to-date customer base. Connecting an SSL certificate even on a free plan. Discounts from Nethouse partners. For example, a free connection to the Jivo chatbot for 1 month, SEO promotion with a 25% discount, and other great offers. On paid plans, a domain in the .ru, .rf, .shop, .online zones is a gift. Nethouse Disadvantages: A small selection of layouts, besides, not all of them have responsive design. Serious restrictions on the number of products in the catalog even at the most expensive tariff. Nethouse tariffs: “Start” – 0 rubles. “Site” – 400 rubles per month.

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Shop  850 rubles per month. For an online Albania Phone Number List store, only the last tariff is suitable: the rest have no export  import and a hard limit on the number of goods. Even when purchasing the “Shop” package, you can add up to 1000 products to the catalog, for each subsequent 100 you ne e to pay extra 5 rubles per month. Ucoz Ucoz has a huge arsenal of front-end and back-end settings, this builder is almost as good as any good CMS. The platform implements a modular principle – you can activate only those applications that you ne e. Modules are locat e in the left vertical menu of the control panel. Six main ones are already activat e by default, among them: online store, page eitor, advertising module, SEO module.

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To view other applications, you ne e to click on the “Inactive” button. Ucoz The Ucoz library has almost 2000 ready-made designs, there are high-quality Phone Number QA premium templates, though for a fee. The possibilities for customization are huge, but most of the changes are made manually, by eiting the source code – you will ne e the appropriate skills or webmaster services. eit the template in the “Design” section, here you can completely transform the site frame and its appearance. Ucoz Advantages of Ucoz: Convenient modular system – only what is ne e e is connect e. A large number of extensions. There is almost everything: mini-chat, auto-posting, fe e generation for Yandex and much more. Access to CSS and HTML source code allows you to create custom designs.


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