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Conversation towards upselling opportunities to shift gears. And align your SEO strategy with your clients’ business goals. Describe how people engage with your content SEO strategies are typically described in abstract terms, so it’s our job as SEO professionals to connect the dots for clients whenever possible between SEO metrics and their business goals. You probably spend a lot of time talking about different SEO marketing angles, like the customer journey, website performance, and user intent. All of these factors influence how search engines rank content, and even more importantly, all of these factors influence conversion rates.

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However SEO is abstract and challenging for Romania Phone Number List our clients to understand. That’s why we need to include concrete terms, visuals, and explanations in our reports for ongoing education and trust-building measures. For example, I manage SEO and content for a large player in the shipping industry. This industry is extremely niche, but each sale can lead to 8-figure deals for my client. I was able to illustrate to the client about how they could increase leads by expanding their existing content Hub/Spoke model and use their SEO reports to talk them through different aspects of their business like: Categorize content on your site and assign specific metrics and goals for your clients.

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Track content based on topics and what Phone Number QA content moved people through the customer journey. Use Content Drill Down in Google Analytics to show how readers move through the website. This information is valuable to highlight opportunities to optimize content. Jumpstart a conversation around other SEO tactics like interlinking, blogging, and on-page optimizations. Showing how people engage with my client’s website was a key part to increase education, and help visualize how your monthly SEO work impacts your client’s website. If you can point out a bottleneck in the customer journey and offer CRO.

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