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In order to encourage this new norm, accessible websites appear higher in Google search results, so now there is also another clear business benefit, with more traffic from Google directly to the business website. Is there an exemption from website accessibility? When the law to make websites accessible to people with disabilities was enacte somewhere at the end of 2012, it was decide to extend 36 months to the owners and operators of the websites in Israel so that they could carry out the various accessibility operations require by the law on their websites. This extension period came into effect with the actual application of the law during the month of October 2013 and ende in the stages of 2016. Today, after the end of the extension period, enforcement and punishment actions have begun against website owners who are oblige to make their websites accessible according to the law.

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It is important to note and emphasize that website owners and/or Argentina Phone Number List website operators who have not yet regulate their website access proceures are currently expose to criminal conviction, administrative fines and even civil lawsuits from surfers. According to the law, every surfer has the right to file a civil lawsuit against the operators and/or owners of the inaccessible website, where the powers of the court that will hear the lawsuit include the authority to determine a demand for compensation for the surfer in a financial scope of up to NIS 50,000, and all this without the nee for proof Damage on the part of the surfer.

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At the same time, the enforcement authorities on the subject Phone Number QA make it easy for service providers who are obligate to make their websites accessible if they present evidence indicating a dead money circulation that prevents them from making the website accessible. Exemption from accessibility does not apply to service providers who belong to the various public authorities, when the exemptions automatically grante to website owners entitle to exemption include website owners who belong to exempt dealer owners and/or dealers with a sales turnover of less than NIS 100,000 per year.

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