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Has explicitly state that helpful (or unhelpful) contact will impact rankings across a domain: Any content not just unhelpful content on sites determine to have relatively high amounts of unhelpful content overall is less likely to perform well in Search Even so, it’s interesting to dig into specific pieces of content that improve or decline In this case, WhiteHouse.gov clearly saw gains for one particular page: This brief was publishe on August 24, immediately followe by a storm of media attention driving people to the official details. The timing was entirely a coincidence.

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It helpful content (regardless of your take India Phone Number List on the issue)? Almost certainly. Could WhiteHouse.gov be rewarde for producing it? Entirely possibly. Was this increase in visibility due to the Helpful Content Update? Probably not. Is this blog post helpful content? Hey, I trie. I’ve probably lost three nights of sleep over the past three weeks thanks to the Helpful Content Update. The truth is that extende rollouts mean extende SERP churn. Google search results are real-time phenomena, and the web is always changing. In this case, there was no clear spike (at least, no clear spike relative to recent history) and every once-promising example I found ultimately came up short.

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Does that mean the update was a dud? No, I India think this Phone Number MX is the beginning of something important, and reports of niche impacts in sites with clear quality issues may very well be accurate (and, certainly, some have been reporte by reputable SEOs whom I know and respect). The most viable explanation I can come up with is that this was a first step in rolling out a “helpfulness” factor, but that factor is going to take time to iterate on, ramp up, and fully build into the core algorithm. One mystery that remains is why Google chose to pre-announce this update. Historically, for updates like Mobile-friendly or HTTPS, pre-announcements were Google’s way of influencing us to.

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