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We will briefly describe the structure of the PromoPult SEO module and the services that are available in it. Structure and services in PromoPult SEO module Promotion work in the PromoPult SEO module is structure into three sections: Website optimization – includes all work on internal and technical optimization, from audit and collection of semantics to the development of usability and commercial factors. External factors – setting various types of links on trust resources. Development of the project – regular placement of texts on TK in the information sections of the site News, Blog, Articles, Useful, etc. . PromoPult SEO module You can also order additional services to improve the quality of the resource and increase its trust in search engines: one-time orders of texts – filling sites with optimize content according to.

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TK product cards descriptions of services and Cameroon Phone Number List product categories. Etc. ; article promotion – posting articles with links to the promote site on proven resources. Natural links – native placement of links in the content of pages that are thematically close to the site being promote. Traffic promotion – attracting an intereste audience to the site; SEO audit is a deep. Comprehensive analysis of site optimization by PromoPult specialists with recommendations for implementation. Let’s tell you what was done during the three months of. Promotion for the site of the manufacturer of artificial ice. Internal site optimization work The Site Optimization section is organize. In the form of a checklist with the necessary tasks. The client did some of the work himself, and some was done by PromoPult specialists. Here’s what it looks like on the system.

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PromoPult For months of promotion in the SEO module, the following work on internal optimization was carrie out: The semantic core was assemble and clustere, queries for promotion and landing pages were define. Optimize texts are place with the occurrence of keywords on promote pages. Yandex Metrica counter installe, goals set. The robots.txt file is Phone Number QA configure. Errors were fixe and the technical condition of the site was optimize: they got rid of duplicates, set up a 404 page, increase loading spee, remove broken links, close technical pages from indexing, and so on. We worke out the structure of the site: we put through links to the main sections where they were not, and introduce breadcrumbs.


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