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For example you can show ads even on competitor channels. Special channels + channel language. If you target special channels and language together, then the ad will be publishe on all channels in the selecte language, which is incorrect. Channel exclusion + channel language. If you target by language minus channel exclusion, then ads will be shown in all channel categories in the specifie language, excluding specific ones. For example, you can exclude your channel. Channel exclusion + channel language + category exclusion. If you target a language minus the exclusion of categories and channels, then the ad will appear on all channels in the target language, but will not appear in the exclude channels and exclude categories. little competition According to Tochka Bank analysts, over the past few months, the attractiveness of Telegram as an advertising platform has grown to record levels.

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Thus the advertising costs of Russian businesses Croatia Phone Number List inside Telegram from March to June 2022 increase by 591% compare to the same period in 2021. But despite this, the platform is not yet as popular as, for example, Yandex Direct, so the competition is low. But there is no nee to waste time, everything may change soon. Be one of the first to try the possibilities of the advertising platform before your competitors and get a new target audience. We talke about how to work with the Telegram Ad Platform in our detaile instructions . Who will be intereste in advertising in Telegram Ads Of course, everyone nees to try a new advertising channel. However, we will give examples where advertising in the messenger will be especially useful: If you are setting up advertising on other sites, but the cost of a lead in contextual advertising has increase significantly.

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And targete advertising has completely stoppe generating leads. If you are looking for new advertising channels to launch image Phone Number QA advertising that aims to increase brand awareness. If you are working on solving content marketing problems and want to increase your reach. Why exchanges are not as attractive as Telegram Ads from Often, advertisers publish ads through channel exchanges. The channel exchange resembles a marketplace, but instead of goods, it sells the publication of advertising on Telegram channels. Like any other online exchange, this is a site where buyers and sellers meet. The exchange plays the role of an intermeiary. If you do not dive into the topic, then everything seems simple and convenient, but there are many nuances here.


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