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Existing plans and strategies is to follow this process. Identify new searches and group into themes Monitor changes in new searches. Run the exercise once a month to see how much they change over time Plot trends in changes alongside industry developments. Was there an event that chang what people were searching for? Group the opportunities into actions: create, update, optimize. Group the opportunities into time-bas categories: topical, interest, evergreen, growing, etc. Plot timeframes around the content pieces. Anything topical gets mov to the top of the list, growing themes can be.

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Plott in around them interest-bas can be slott in Malta Phone Number List throughout the year, and evergreen pieces can be turn into more hero-style content. Then you end up with a plan that covers: All of your plann content. All of your existing content and any updates you might want to make to include the new opportunities. A revis optimization approach to work in new keywords on existing landing pages. A revis FAQ structure to answer queries people are searching for (before your competitors do). Developing themes of content for hubs and category page expansion. Conclusion Finding new keyword opportunities is imperative to staying ahead of the competition.

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New keywords mean new ways of Phone Number QA searching, new information your audience nes, and new requirements to meet. With the processes outlin above, you’ll be able to keep on top of these emerging topics to plan your strategies and priorities around them. The world of search will always change, but the nes of your audience — and what they are searching for — should always be at the center of your plans. About Imogen Davies — Imogen has work in SEO for over six years, focusing on SEO strategy as well as content, on-page, and technical SEO. In her current role as SEO Account Director at Found, she steers.

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