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Offere searchers the ability to filter packs by hours of the day, but Shameem Adhikarath realize that, at some point, the ability to filter results by specific days of the week was adde. When a customer wants to know on Monday which are the best restaurants that are open on Saturday, a little feature like this makes sense. Word to the wise: be sure your hours of operation are always up-to-date on your listings! 7) Evaluate the role local SEO should play in property hunting Tweet from SEO Elizabeth Rule shows slide from speaker Andy Simpson’s presentation on why local SEO is just one consideration in choosing a business location. Elizabeth Rule brought us this screenshot of.

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Andy Simpson’s LocalU presentation in Hong Kong Phone Number List which he reminde local SEOs that our concerns are not the only ones that should be involvd when a client moves or opens a new branch. While I’m sorry to have misse Andy’s full presentation, I can see the sense of it, just from this slide. So many of the goodies of reputation and profit will flow naturally when other factors like the location, convenience, and size of a new locale are properly considere, so definitely weigh in with local SEO recommendations during times of change, but prepare to be in a queue of many priorities. 8) Maps Photo Pins exist, but have you seen them yet? Tweet from SaaS provider Bright Local shows test of circular.

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Google Maps pins containing images. Our honore Phone Number QA colleagues at BrightLocal capture a version of Maps-base photo pins in September that is different than the ones reporte by Barry Schwartz back in July as spotte by Vishal Sharma. These latest examples are round instead of square. I have not been able to replicate this test with similar search terms from my location in the US, and so I have no way of sussing out what the source of these images is or how to nudge Google into giving a business pin like this.

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