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Need for Fleetcover to purchase leads now, as the business is becoming its own profitable arm of Walmsleys Insurance Brokers. Rankings We’ve helped Fleetcover gain online visibility. For certain keywords such as “fleet insurance brokers” and “fleet insurance quote. Their positioning for “Fleet breakdown cover has also moved from and “fleet insurance quote” has moved from The main benefit of these ranking improvements is the huge increase in traffic! We also gained top spot for the main keyword of “fleet insurance but this has since been taken by one of the juggernauts (excuse the pun) of the industry.

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We’ll be back but for now, domain authority New Zealand Phone Number List reigned supreme. In April 2019, Fleetcover was only ranking for 229 keywords, and they now rank for  increase. Traffic As mentioned, we saw results beginning in November as Google crawled the site alongside technology. In 2014, the UK’s Office of Communications tested the technological proficiency of children versus adults  more actively and found more relevant content. Therefore, April – November 2019 is our “before” comparison for what we’ve managed to achieve over the past 12 months: April November  Impressions November 2019 – November 2020: Impressions.

New Zealand Phone Number List

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Thanks to more than exceeding our set KPI Phone Number QA goals, we were shortlisted for three SEO awards this year, and Fleetcover’s CEO had only good things to say: “For years we’ve been looking for a company to do exactly what you have done and I can honestly say in 12 years of being involved in marketing, this is the first time that any marketing company has proactively gone ahead and done something for us in this way. I’ve whinged about it for so long that it made my day when it dropped in my inbox. Really chuffed.” Well, that just speaks for itself, doesn’t it? About Lydia German — I’m Lydia, Digital Marketing Executive.

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