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An that’s because while Google’s algorithm is able. To determine search-friendly content, it’s currently not able to see if a page is relevant for a searcher, at least from a human perspective. So, it ends up ranking content on page one that meets Google’s ranking standards, but not always the searcher’s standards. As a B2B marketer, you don’t just want to meet Google’s requirements and rank on page one. You ne your content to rank AND impress your audience well enough to convert them into leads. How do you do that? You ne to write like professionals speaking to professionals.

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Usually this means you ne to see what Dominican Republic Phone Number List other industry professionals are saying or have publish on any given topic and spell out: What you agree with What you disagree with What you want to change about how something is currently done How you want it to change or change it Derek Gleason of CXL mirrors the same idea in a recent tweet: And as an expert in your field, this is a no-brainer: you’ll almost always have a different opinion to share about popular topics in your industry. For instance, as an SEO expert, you most likely have fact-bas opinions about topics like Google ranking factors, B2B marketing, technical SEO, etc.

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This knowlge you have about all the topics in Phone Number QA your industry is “from-field-experience” ideas that’ll help you connect with customers on a deeper level. And when you’re creating content bas on your original opinions, experience, thoughts, or convictions, you won’t be sounding like everyone else and your content will stand out. Even if it’s similar to other competitors’ content, it’ll still have your original ideas. But how do your original ideas impact revenue or growth? Your clients aren’t all at the bottom of the funnel. While I’ve advis kicking off your SEO marketing strategy.

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