The conclusion is that straight male thinking has no living space in USA Phone Number

Therefore, the traditional e-commerce logic is the logic of big explosions USA Phone Number and big single products. Douyin e-commerce is personalized e-commerce, long-tail e-commerce, niche e-commerce, and interest e-commerce.

The conclusion is that straight male thinking has no living space in

We can further elaborate on this idea.Douyin. Continuously mining personalized products and matching personalized groups is the way to start Douyin e-commerce.

2. The real greatest value of Dou-e-commerce so far is to achieve the equalization of brand communication

Imagine a scenario, you only have a start-up capital of 300,000 yuan, how do you support a lean start-up?

This is not a scene I just imagined randomly. There is indeed a young popular brand that started with such a principal.

For anyone who wanted to start a business and build a brand in the past, they USA Phone Number needed a factory, a marketing team, and large-scale capital barriers and costs.

However, with the massive user pools like Douyin and Kuaishou, it is rare to find the first wave of seed users, or the path that minimizes the closed loop of testing requirements.

The underlying element of this logical change is that the era of short videos is an era of equal rights dissemination. For business, the mobile Internet is an opportunity for space equality.


Here, we can actually speak of a huge social significance and value. Suppose a young man escapes from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou one day. At this time, what industries can this young man choose?

Is it to go to a new energy industry with higher technical barriers, or to a service industry, or to create a unique and personalized brand by combining short videos + local products?

Obviously, from the low difficulty of starting, choosing to use short video + brand is an optimal solution.

This is the story of starting a business with a cost of 300,000 I mentioned at the beginning. In the final analysis, the bottom layer of the commercial society is the efficiency of communication and trial and error.

Whoever has higher trial-and-error efficiency and fault-tolerant mechanism can theoretically test the 3 million angel startup fund 10 times.


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