Personalization is Also Possible in B2b Marketing

Speaking of B2B marketing: the latest B2B Marketing Trend Report shows that B2B marketers focus more on results. All those data and data sources are great, but they must lead to more MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads). The research also shows that marketing automation is not yet the promised lead machine.

Also take a good look around you, what can you learn from the frontrunners in B2B marketing? The Next Level Lead Generation Benchmark shows that the frontrunners continuously invest in the development of the value proposition. In terms of content resources, webinars in particular score very high, but so do your own website and SEO, the use of social media and your own blogs. The distinctive proposition is important to create unique own content.

Conversational & Chatbots

The hype around chatbots is now over. It is time to experiment and to be critical of where and why we use these tools. “ Gone are the days of starting chatbots ‘because we can’ . Instead, we are looking at data-driven chatbots that really add something to our business processes,” writes Linsey Jepma (OBI4wan). In her article she takes you through the developments surrounding chatbots.

The chatbot is increasingly becoming a colleague, and not a competitor for customer service . There are 3 reasons for this: the chatbot is smart, but not empathetic. Complex situations VP Facility Manager Email Lists require human-to-human interaction. And the best results are achieved through collaboration between humans and bots.

VP of Facilities Email Lists

By the way, at Frankwatching we experiment with Frankie , and that involves trial and error. Marten Kracht also shows that working with a chatbot is not easy in his critical article with 5 points for improvement for conversations with chatbots . Emiel de Graaf conducted research into how you can better manage the expectations of users of chatbots .

Now Being Critically

In the field of voice , too, the applications are now being critically examined. The Google Home Minis and Alexas are quickly gaining ground in Dutch households. But are consumers ready for conversational commerce yet ? ShoppingTommorrow has investigated the developments and also shows what Dutch companies can do to become more ‘mature’. You can already develop competencies in this area. This ensures that you can quickly move along with these developments.

What will you be investing in in the coming months?

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