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Suite and the CMO role has been eliminate at some of the largest brands. CEOs are now asking tougher and tougher questions about. The value of marketing and oftentimes marketers are not prepar. Connecting your data and building your data flywheel is. One way to support the swift answers CEOs expect from their CMOs. We nee to get stronger at bridging our day-to-day work to the value it drives. And more than ever, “brand lift” isn’t enough to satisfy CEOs. This presentation will start at the top. How businesses are run, how CEOs talk. And how we as search marketers can use the data we have access to.

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Everyday in new ways to answer the Kenya Phone Number List questions of the c-suite and raise our visibility and value in organizations. Ready for more? You’ll uncover even more SEO goodness in the MozCon 2022 video bundle. At the low price of $299, this is invaluable content you can access again and again throughout the year to inspire and ignite your SEO strategy: 29 full-length videos from some of the brightest minds in digital marketing Instant downloads and streaming to your computer, tablet, or mobile device Downloadable slide decks for presentation Earlier this year, the Department of Justice (DOJ) publishe its first web accessibility guidance in 10 years. It was meant to remind businesses of all sizes that their websites just like physical storefronts nee to be accessible to people with disabilities.

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The DOJ guidance comes at a time when the majority Phone Number MX of US businesses are getting swept up in accelerate digital transformation and a struggle to make their websites accessible to people of all abilities. According to WebAIM’s most recent accessibility analysis of the top one million homepages, 97% of websites have accessibility errors such as low contrast text and missing written descriptions of images failing to meet some of the basic Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), a de facto international standard. This is a slight improvement from 2020, when 98% of homepages were inaccessible.

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