This Is The People’s Right In Waste

Waste regulation is very interesting to study, because it has not been implemented properly by the government and local governments (Pemda) as waste regulators and facilitators. Let’s be honest with the people, convey and give people rights attached to regulations, they are assets in waste matters , so that Indonesia can immediately be free from the waste emergency.” H. Asrul Hoesein, Founder of the Jakarta Waste Management Foundation (Yaksindo).

Where and at Any Time and by Anyone the People Are Always

patients”. At the forefront who are blamed in terms of waste management, people who are considered disobedient and obedient to the rules and obligations.

The stigma of wrongdoing is always sticking or sticking by the government and local governments to the people in general, even though that is not the France Phone Number case, it is not the people who are at fault . Repeat and note that it is not the people’s fault!

If we look closely through the eyes of the prevailing laws and regulations. It is the people who are the last to be blam. Because as the producers or factories of waste, the people who are the last or the downstream ones are the people.

Furthermore, the people or consumers become upstream rather than garbage. This is where the “people’s space receives the right” of education and facilitation to carry out the functions or 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) functions or systems to reduce, reuse or recycle.

This means that if the people are guilty. It means that there is a leading group who is negligent. Wrong from their responsibilities, there are entrepreneurs. As producers of goods whose remaining products end up.

Then Who is the Producer or Factory of Waste

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Let us know that anyone who becomes a waste factory or the hierarchy of waste generation, starting from the packaging raw material provider companies, product industries, distributors, product sellers and finally the people as consumers, where the final position of the waste is located.

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