Pay attention to the content matrix and create customer cases? Cambodia Phone Number

The content matrix of B-side SaaS vendors, including but not limited to the following sections:

Enterprise publicity information, product introduction, industry case, and marketing materials.

Each plate has its own value and has a different purpose of use. The corporate publicity Cambodia Phone Number information content conveys the corporate image and brand building, the product introduction content conveys the value point of the company’s products, the industry case content conveys customer success stories and industry solutions, and the marketing materials conveys more marketing capabilities. .

Among them, the content of industry cases reflects the effect of product solutions. Most of the content of this section of SaaS manufacturers revolves around “cost reduction and efficiency improvement”. Industry success stories can quickly touch the psychology of users, especially the success stories of users’ peer companies .

While the customer success team builds customer benchmark cases, content operators must collect and digest cases well, so as to continuously output high-quality content to feed back the promotion of market sales. Present these successful cases in the form of solutions to people in different roles, so that they can discover product value points from their own perspective.

4. Identify distribution channels and effectively disseminate and promote

Official accounts, websites, media channels, industry reports, audio and video, etc. are all Cambodia Phone Number effective communication and distribution channels. For content operators, before they want to do a good job in the above-mentioned various new media, traditional paper media and other channels, they must first Find out your content distribution positioning and choose a content distribution platform suitable for B-end enterprises.

Here we take the video channel as an example. Short videos and long videos are obviously two different content positioning. Many B-end enterprise managers require content operators to deliver content in major video channels as soon as they come up. However, the difference in B-end user attributes determines that short video channels are relatively different. It is difficult to impress B-end users in just a few tens of seconds.

If short videos are more “fast food” content consumption, they are more concerned about whether they can quickly “cool” to the user’s itch for instant dissemination or consumption; then long videos are more inclined to bring “long-term benefits” to users. .

Therefore, in many cases, the ROI of content delivery channels is not high, and 40% of the reasons are because the choice of distribution channels is wrong, and the result is naturally twice the result with half the effort. If you are a content operator, I believe you will feel the same way.

5. Final words

Cambodia Phone Number
Cambodia Phone Number

-side content operation is a long process . You may rarely see content with tens of thousands of views. The so-called haste is not enough.

And make no mistake: this is true for more advanced readers as well. We’ve lost count of the number of people who have ignored our advice because they are “writing for a sophisticated audience”. It doesn’t matter. Clear and concise writing benefits everyone. Your content can be as complex as you want it to be. Your writing shouldn’t. Period.

I believe the above sharing can bring you some help.

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