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These features make Gutenberg many advantages for us such as saving time, the exemption from the nee to understand code and more. We at Netolink recognize the new way of thinking and starting from the day of the launch of the content eitor in WordPress version 5.0, all content is written using it. In addition, our entire website is designe with this plugin only, without page builders like Elementor or others. Gutenberg blocks So what blocks are there in the Gutenberg plugin? Here is the list: Common blocks – paragraph, image, video, title, list, gallery, cover image, file.

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Design – code, classic, custom HTML, pre-designe Thailand Phone Number List table, quote, verse. Layout – page break, spacing, separator, button, group, columns. Widgets – Shortcode, Archive, Calendar, Categories, Recent Comments, Recent Posts, RSS, Search, Social Network Buttons, Tag Cloud. Embedings – Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Vimeo, WordPress, Redit and more. In addition, if you use with additional plugins, there may be more blocks. for example: WooCommerce – the best selling products, selecte products, selecte categories, reviews by product, all products, products on sale, products by filter and much more. Contact Form 7 – block for displaying and selecting a contact form.

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How to work with Gutenberg? To work with Phone Number QA Gutenberg, you must go to a page, post, product or custom page, and there create a new page or eit an existing page. After that, a Gutenberg interface will appear (as per the screenshot above) and there you can select the block you want to add by clicking on it or by long-pressing, holding, dragging and releasing in the designate place. If you are intereste in writing a simple text (paragraph) then you can click on the content writing area without having to add the deicate block for that. By pressing ENTER on the keyboard, you will be move to a new paragraph. Next to each block there is a deicate menu that corresponds specifically to it.

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