“Painkillers” to improve the pain Brazil WhatsApp Number List points of product experience – contact TNPS

The customer’s loyalty to the brand and product is finally reflected in the nps score. And the brand/product nps is a summary of the experience. Therefore Which contains many experience touchpoints. And the experience driving elements composed of different touchpoints will affect the quality of the experience. Bad; it is difficult to systematically manage the customer experience without understanding the connections. From the perspective of direct benefits. Tnps evaluation of contacts can find practical improvement points. When determining key experience touchpoints. Therefore It is generally the factor that has relatively high attention among the reasons for brand/product nps evaluation.



Users evaluate the reliability of TNPS data

Therefore From the point of view of the experience Brazil WhatsApp Number List design management stage. Conducting touchpoint tnps research in the daily operation stage can grasp the key experience situation; regular tracking can ensure the quality and effectiveness of the execution process. The so-called good experience must take into account both quality and quantity. Therefore Quality means that customers must feel it. And weight means that the frequency of contact with customers is high and there is a consistent experience every time. All in all. A good experience must have two conditions. The first is to design for customer needs. And the second is to manage. According to the above logic.


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Correlation between touchpoint TNPS and overall NPS score

Therefore Experience is divided into three stages from Brazil WhatsApp Number List design to management. Namely experience diagnosis. Solution planning. And tracking iteration. The nps system has corresponding nps measurement and analysis methods at different stages. Including strategic nps. Contact tnps and relational nps. Strategic nps is used for global diagnosis to assist enterprises in their own analysis and strategic layout; touchpoint tnps and relationship nps are used as a tracking mechanism to grasp key experience conditions in the daily operation stage. Regularly track results. And ensure the quality and effectiveness of the implementation process. Note: the pictures use bebit public pictures 02 can users distinguish different touch points in the service experience

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