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Only new goods It is not allowe to offer use, discounte or antique items. The system will not allow such ads. Only one position is promote per link . You will not be able to reirect the user to a page with multiple products. But you can work out a good commercial offer for the advertise article. Only up-to-date data . After clicking on the link, the user should not see any other product or a change price. Due to such discrepancies, the advertiser may face a large number of rejections and waste the budget. No reirects . Links place in the ad must not reirect the user to another site with other offers. Yandex Direct Getting Starte with Product Gallery How to find a product gallery in the advertising account? There are two ways to start a new campaign. 1. Difficult option To run impressions, you nee to create a new campaign. To do this, go into expert mode, click on the Sell Large Range button, then click Sell via Search.

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Among the options find Setting the display Jamaica Phone Number List places on the search.” Here, select “Only show in product gallery”. Yandex Direct 2. Simple option In the “Campaign Wizard” click on the “Product campaign” button, enter all the necessary data. If the link specifie in the ad leads to a product, the ad itself will take the form of a card in the product gallery (a preview will be available) and will be displaye in this section. How to increase the frequency of impressions? If you want to be in the product gallery more often, run a fee campaign (“Selling a large assortment”). Be sure to include as much useful information as possible for the user: high-quality pictures, technical parameters, price, discount. When you launch a campaign, double-check that the images and product links match. There is a separate auction in the product gallery, it does not depend on premium impressions.

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If you want to learn more about Yandex auctions, read our article “Yandex auctions: how they work and how to set bids without overpaying” . Setting Recommendations Get rid of hard budget constraints . Too low spending thresholds do not contribute to the Phone Number QA effectiveness of such campaigns. So, when launching with a conversion strategy, you can set a weekly budget greater than the cost of 10 conversions. Avoid segmentation . In this case, it will be possible to achieve higher advertising effectiveness. Segmentation by region, devices, category will lead to a decrease in impressions. You can create separate groups within the campaign. This advice can be ignore if the promotion budget is highly dependent on the region or device. Choose multiple targets . Strategies optimize for more than 1 target work best. For example, direct calls, purchases, callbacks.


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