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What problem was being solve When a company sells hundres of products across multiple third-party online stores and uses contextual advertising, it can lose money due to inefficient manual processes and human error. For example, if the product is out of stock, and advertising goes to its page, the business suffers losses. Now imagine that there are dozens of such goods. This happens because online stores sometimes send information about product balances with a delay of a week or more. At the same time, the contextologist will not physically have time to manually check hundres of pages – a separate employee can be hire to perform this task. But why, if there is a simpler and more profitable solution – automation. How to implement it, we will tell on the example of our project for Panasonic. The company sells goods on twelve online platforms.

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These are DNS Citylink RBT ru Technopark Kenya Phone Number List Kazakhstani Technodom.kz, Hitek, Solinger, StaiNo, the official online store of the Panasonic Eplaza brand, Wildberries, Ozon and Beru marketplaces (now Yandex Market). To support sales, the company decide to start purchasing contextual and targete advertising for its product pages on websites and include this work in the performance marketing tender. Participating in the competition, we propose to automate the check of the availability of goods. This would help solve three problems at once: Firstly, by promptly receiving information that the goods are over, you can save the client’s money by turning off the placement in time. Secondly, instead of tracking the situation manually, our contextologists can deal with more complex tasks, such as optimizing advertising campaigns to increase their effectiveness. Thirdly, this solution saves Panasonic employees from the routine.

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By receiving daily information about the availability of products in all online stores, they can quickly replenish stocks. This allows the company to Phone Number QA sell more, and therefore earn more. What have we done? We won the tender and create a system that automatically collects information about the presence or absence of Panasonic products on all Internet sites. If the product is out of stock, the robot stops its advertising in Yandex.Direct and Google Ads. If the position appeare on sale, the system restarts the promotion without human intervention. In addition, the algorithm sends notifications to employees. He advises Panasonic managers to restock products in a particular store, and informs our specialists that advertising for out-of-stock items is disable. How does the system work? We have written two scripts.


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