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The address is the same as the pages – only if they have a physical location determine by the page. Very important information to know So before we go to explain to you how to do it. Here is information you nee to know before performing the operation. If it is not possible to merge the pages (as detaile below) – this means that the pages cannot be merge. Following the conditions above. Once the application is submitte – it cannot be cancele. People who have like the double page will be notifie. If the pages can be merge.  People who like the 2 pages will be integrate into the combine pageas well as check-in records. During the merger, it is not possible to transfer posts, photos, reviews, ratings and also a username from the page that is being merge (the double page.

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The duplicate page you are not intereste in will be Nepal Phone Number List remove. How to merge Facebook pages? To unite your Facebook pages, after you meet the above conditions, you nee to enter the following link: If you have Facebook pages without Business Manager – facebookpagesmerge . If you work with Business Manager on Facebook – business.facebookpagesmerge . After that, on this page you have 2 fields and there you have to enter the names of the pages. Then click “Continue”. On the next page, select the main page that will remain and the double page that you want to merge with the main page. Then click on merge request. As a reminder, all the people on the double page who marke like, follow or check in, will be transferre to the main page. Posts, photos, videos, reviews and ratings, as well as the username of the duplicate page will not be transferre. Additional information you should know If you want to receive the contents of the double page – you can download a copy (posts, photos and videos, reviews and ratings) of the page by entering the page settings General Download page.

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If you do not have administrator Phone Number QA management) permission – if you do not have management permissions, you must request it from the person who manages them (for example another branch manager. If the business has different branches – you can use the locations on Facebook to differentiate between the pages. But merging is not the smartest in such a case if it is about other content or a different audience or a different purpose. If you have pages adapte to different countries – global pages is a much better and more appropriate solution than merging.

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