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Steve Haskew at Circular Computing, that every laptop made uses a whopping 190,000 liters of water from extraction to sitting on our desk. The more we researche, the more we listene, the more we learne, the more we realize we just had to somehow, become part of the solution. As we say often.’Once you see something, you simply can’t unsee it’. At the outset, we were on a mission to write a book – by the end, we were on a mission, and still are, to champion sustainable marketing – driving eucation and awareness to support the approx 10.6 million marketers on the planet in using their skills, creativity and influence as a force for good. And that’s why we starte the podcast and to date.

When Writing And Researching Our Book There Were

We  interviewe a range of people and Italy Phone Number List organizations; academics, institutions, thought-leaders, founders, creatives, agencies, marketing professionals, sustainability experts, authors, economists – always posing the question; Can Marketing Save the Planet? With every conversation, there’s learning, lessons, takeaways and importantly, hope – the realization that there are many brilliant minds focusd on positive solutions. We truly are in this together – so the more we can share experience and solutions, educate and support one another the faster the positive outcomes. Urgent action is what’s require – and collective urgent action is the key to much neede planet and human civilization-saving change.

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Just So Many Lightbulb Moments And Life

My local lens A pretty hand-painte sign welcomes everyone to Phone Number QA a community garden full of flowering plants. Image credit: Becky Striepe Can Marketing Save the Planet? tends to highlight big brands making big impacts, but my decades of working in local search have habituate me to taking marketing and SEO lessons from all directions and downsize them to fit independent local businesses and their marketers. Almost everything we’ve covere today is directly applicable to small businesses, but with a really significant modifier: I believe that in most sectors of commerce, economic localism is the very best path forward for achieving worldwide.

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