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The favor of photographing Aaron Weiche’s recent presentation on this topic. Ahead of the holidays, be sure your texting, live chat. And phone staff is ready with all the answers via highly visible numbers and links (and my boots!). Toggle to hide your address Tweet from SEO. Barry Schwartz capturing new toggle. Functionality for hiding your address in Google Search and Google Maps. Barry Schwartz highlighte Stefan Somborac’s screenshot of a new toggle.  Feature in search and Maps that is meant to make. It easier for business owners to hide the address on their Google Business Profile.

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The hidden address drama is one of the Egypt Phone Number List longest-running plots in. The soap opera that is the Guidelines for representing your business on Google. I would personally like to see this character written out of the script in favor of businesses having the say in. Whether they want their exact location to be visible on their listings. I’ve never understood Google’s logic for requiring SABs to obscure their locations. Living in an old house as I do. I’ve had too many opportunities of needing to know which 24-hour plumber is actually nearest to me. Linke FAQs in Google Messaging New Google messaging form lets you add linke FAQs for automate customer responses. This might be one of the most exciting developments of the third quarter and we again have Stefan Somborac to thank for noticing it first. You can now populate Google.

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Messaging with up to 10 FAQs with questions Phone Number QA of up to 40 characters and answers of up to 500 characters and your answers can include links! While I’m not personally fond of automate consumer-brand communications, I can see a good use of this for answering really common questions about hours of operation, premise accessibility, or the availability of top brands in your inventory. 6) Filter local packs by days of the week Tweet from Shameem Adhikarath shows new ability to filter Google local pack results by open hours on specific days of the week. Google has long.

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