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How to use the list It is enough to add the sites you like to the ” Favorites ” section of your PR.Sape personal account. Next, run a search on the selecte list and put down links from suitable foreign sites. PR Sape By including high-quality foreign sites in your link profile, you will get the opportunity to achieve a noticeable increase in Google issuance in a few months. Learn in 10 seconds: how to automate the check of balances in personal accounts of Yandex.Real Estate Digital GeeksDigital Geeks 10 August 2022, at 11:30 Font:01358 Hello! I’m Vladimir Malyugin, CEO of the Digital Geeks performance marketing agency. Vladimir Malyugin, founder of performance marketing agency Digital Geeks We love to optimize and automate everything, because it helps to be more efficient and earn more.

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You can do that too What was wrong We work with different Indonesia Phone Number List classifications, including Yandex.Real Estate. We have many personal accounts on the site – you nee to regularly check the balance of money in each of them so that the promotion does not stop and as many potential buyers as possible see customer ads. At the same time, the service is not yet very convenient: the account in Yandex.Real Estate is divide into two tabs with separate balances. In the first one, you can pay for the promotion of ads in the search results of the site, in the second – user calls. If the money runs out on the first balance, fewer people will see the ads. If on the second, the developer will stop receiving calls from the site. The company will lose leads, and hence profits. Both balances must be replenishe separately.

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Recently within the service it became possible to set up notifications about the balance deficit, but one letter can contain information about only one personal account. This can create confusion. How did we fix it? In order to quickly receive information about the balances in all accounts, we decide Phone Number QA to automate the process of checking balances. Yandex.Real Estate does not allow uploading information via API, so we create a balance monitoring robot base on the UiPath RPA platform. Every day, he automatically opens the service, logs in, goes to the page of the desire residential complex and collects information about the balance of funds, including in the offices for paying calls. The robot enters this data into a Google Spreadsheet. If the balance on ads is less than.


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