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More than ever we need to show clients the value we bring to the table. So, let’s take a look at the things all useful SEO reports should include, and how you can use storytelling tactics to build a relationship with your customers, prove your strategies’ value, and uncover upsell opportunities today! 1. Organic impressions, clicks, and CTR While SEO has a broad reach, you need to get the right message to the right people if you want them to click through to your content and convert. This is why a good SEO report should include high-level metrics like organic impressions and clicks.

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While this information doesn’t provide Portugal Phone Number List much insight into on-page performance, it does offer a jumping-off point for you to talk to your customer about changes in market trends and user behavior. I like to cover high-level data at the start of each reporting call to set the table for more detailed discussions with customers. I’ve used this data to recommend additional work for clients and use these metrics to show YoY improvement, and justify work during specific periods. I present data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics to help my clients understand how we can influence their site’s overall performance.

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Here are a few points that I touch on based Phone Number QA on current click and impressions: What it means: Impressions how often content appears, clicks  how many times people click on SERPs. Where to find it: Google Search Console When to use it: Identify content and build approach. Build sprints to address problem areas. Pages that are performing between 3-12 should be optimized, and low CTR should improve meta, interlinking, and technical considerations. How to optimize: High impressions  low clicks update title and meta description. Low impressions add FAQ schema. Even though clicks and impressions.

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