Therefore, the brand must be found in various channels and can be seen for a long time. One of the Australia Phone Number

People who have read many of my articles know that I have a conclusion Australia Phone Number that brands are chosen by users, and the only thing we can do is to create an opportunity for users to choose, or an opportunity to play freely.

Therefore, the brand must be found in various channels and can be seen for a long time.

According to the traditional media faction, the brand must first complete the pre-sale in the user’s mind. The user already has a choice, just find a place to buy a product.

However, as far as e-commerce is concerned, when users just entered

the Douyin ecosystem, they actually mainly consume content, not to buy products, so this determines that users buy Douyin in many cases. It is not a planned purchase, but a random purchase. The random purchase is definitely not a product that is eagerly and frequently purchased for a long time.

So this logic is that people come first, and then there are products. This logi Australia Phone Number also determines that it may be difficult for users to buy multiple games in the Douyin system. After all, Douyin is looking for content from e-commerce, not e-commerce looking for content. Under such an inverted logic, Douyin may be difficult to come out. A real brand.

But to say this is to deny the value of Douyin e-commerce, and there may be dividends and value points for the first wave of new product incubation.

Fourth, let’s talk about the good aspects of Douyin e-commerce.

Australia Phone Number
Australia Phone Number

In fact, many people know Amazon’s e-commerce logic. Amazon’s e-commerce logic has no living space for brushing and brushing orders.

Therefore, Chinese brands that have always been used to creating bubbles have encountered a crisis on Amazon.

Because it belongs to the habit of getting bad currency abroad. This is also the problem of this wave of new consumer brands, frantically creating bubbles in order to obtain financing.

What are the dangers of bubbles? I think it is an unfair selection

mechanism that prevents good products from coming out, but lets products that can swipe orders and play traffic come out.

That is, whoever has a loud voice runs out. In an exchange with a brand that has been at the top of Douyin this year, he mentioned a very important point to me. After the spread of Douyin is equalized, it is the most friendly to serious product merchants.


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